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About the Artist


Julian Norman is a Portland, Oregon based photographer. He got his first film camera from a friend in 2015, and has since used it as a way to document his life, share his experiences, and convey his thoughts. 


Originally from Humboldt County, California, Julian grew up in the woods and mountains, developing a love for nature and the wildlife surrounding him. After moving to Portland, Oregon in 2012, he initially pursued studying wildlife biology. With time, he realized that his passions had changed. He transitioned out of academia and into artistry.  However, he still incorporates his background in wildlife and the sciences into his work, as can be seen in his wildlife and landscape photography.  


Julian has a quiet life and close circle.  He can be frequently found in any number of his favorite taverns, working in a little coffee shop, or spending time in a hammock at the park. And always without fail, he will be found with at least one camera hiding in his bag.

Born in Humboldt County, CA
Based in Portland, OR


Instagram: @cameracoffeeguy



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