Digital Editing

One of the main things that I do with my photography is that there is no digital manipulation to any of my photos (beyond rotating it 90°.)  If I wanted to digitally manipulate my work, it would be another reason for me to switch to digital, but that’s not quite my style.  The way I like to shoot is by trying to take an exact shot of what I want, not one with the intention of cropping it down and shifting the colors and tones.  If that’s what someone wants to do, then they should do that, and I want to be clear that I am not speaking poorly of digital photographers and their art.

By working the way that I do it forces a level of precision and intention, because I know that I won’t be editing or manipulating it after the fact.  Everything I do is in camera, including multiple exposures, and if one shot didn't turn out the way I wanted, then I take it as a learning experience and try to do better the next time.  

Despite the overwhelming number of reasons why it makes sense to save up for a DSLR (unlimited exposures, easier to work with, more versatility, less expensive in the long run, etc.) I am choosing to keep shooting with old cameras and film in the classic way.  I’m not saying that I won’t ever convert to digital, but for the time being film and analog is my way. After all, I’m not in it for the practicality, I’m in it for the art form.  


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