Why Do I Shoot Film?

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

I am often asked why I don’t shoot digitally as there are several aspects to digital photography that are not only convenient and overall, cheaper than shooting film, it also would give the chance of taking unlimited photos and later editing them to get the desired shot. While I have strictly shot with film, I have gained a lot of respect for the art form as a whole.

In my opinion, shooting analog photography tends to offer a lot more timeless character and charm than digital does for many reasons. Due to the fact that each roll of film has a limited number of shots, it forces you to slow down and take a minute to really check your surroundings, metering, and subjects before snapping the photo to ensure the best shot possible without wasting film.

I am a firm believer in the shots themselves saying everything they need to without any editing whatsoever. The creativity and care put behind each shot before snapping the photo says all I need it to without adding digital filters or editing.


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